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How To Save Your Hair And Even Regrow It Without Wasting Your Money

I'm going to begin by telling you a short story about myself.  I'm a 29 year old male with thin hair from as far back as I can remember.  When I was about 26 years old, I really started losing my hair in the crown area and in the front area.  My receding hair lines became painfully obvious as people starting pointing it out in social situations which had to be the absolute worst thing that anyone

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Neil Young's hair last night

Pictures of the wet look hair style.

Spiky Hair Style

Medium Length Hair Style Pictures

Japanese Celebrity Hair Style from Multiple Angles

Side ViewBack View

Hottest Hair Styles for Men

Colour Asan Young Hair

Japanese Male Celebrity Hair Styles

Finding a good stylist can be like searching for your next girlfriend. Ask around and find out which stylist or salon your friends use, or you can ask someone whose hair you admire. Perhaps you have seen a salon around town that looks cool and you’ve been wanting to give it a try.In this case I would call them up and ask if they specialize in a certain types of haircuts or styles. Would

New year new asian hair styles

Cool Japanese Hair Styles

Japanese Hair Style Pictures

Asian Men Hair Style Pictures

Asian Men Hair Style Pictures at Different Angles

Japanese Hair Color Products and Hair Styles

Asian Hair Style Photos for Guys

Asian Hair StyleAsian Hair Style 3

Asian Men Short Hair Styles

Asian Short Hair StyleAsian Short Hair StyleAsian Short Hair Style

Japanese Young Male Idol Hair Styles

Japan’s obsession with idols can be seen with the amount fashion, fads, and hair style trends that are actually started by idols. Here are some pictures of the hottest Japanese young male idols and their hair styles.Asian Hair StyleAsian Hair StyleAsian Hair StyleAsian Hair Style

Japanese Idol Hair Styles

Asian Hair StyleAsian Hair Style

Pictures of long Asian hair styles

To the mullethead that was asking for pictures of long Asian hair styles, Christmas came early for you. Here is just a teaser and a preview of what is coming up next.

Japanese Hair Styles

Asian Long Hair StyleAsian Long Hair StyleAsian Long Hair StyleAsian Long Hair StyleAsian Long Hair StyleAsian Long Hair Style

Long Asian Hair Style

Long Asian Hair StyleLong Asian Hair StyleLong Asian Hair StyleLong Asian Hair StyleLong Asian Hair StyleLong Asian Hair StyleLong Asian Hair StyleLong Asian Hair StyleLong Asian Hair Style

Unique Asian Hair Styles

Japanese Hair StyleJapanese Hair StyleJapanese Hair StyleJapanese Hair Style

Medium Asian Hair Styles

Medium Asian Hair Style #2Medium Asian Hair Style #3Medium Asian Hair Style #4Medium Asian Hair Style #5Medium Asian Hair Style #6Medium Asian Hair Style #7Medium Asian Hair Style #8

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pictures of young mens hair styles

mens long hairmens hair styles 2009

Short Emo Hairstyles For Boys - Emo Hair Fashion

short emo hairstyles - boys emo hairstylesEmo boys wear some amazing and unique emo hairstyles. This is also a great oportunity for getting some ideas and tips for your next emo hairstyle. Enjoy the pictures!Most emo girls and men guys to the jet black hair for their hair cut and they like the unnatural, uneven look it gives it more spunk. Even though the emo look is becoming more common, it

Alternative Mens Hair Cut

Hiro Mizushima Asian Hairstyles

Hiro Mizushima Asian hairstyleThe twenty-five-year-old Japanese actor-model Hiro Mizushima has definitely captured the attention of female fans all over the world. After all, who would not be smitten by his boyish looks? However, it's not only his smile that can melt away hearts but also the famous Hiro Mizushima hairstyle.Hiro Mizushima wavy hairstyleHiro Mizushima hairstyleDepending on his role

The Evolution Of The Robin Thicke Hairstyle

Robin Thicke hairstyleThe singer and songwriter Robin Thicke has gone a long way from his humble beginning to his recent chart-topping successes. His current album, Something Else, has sold more than half a million and spent twenty-eight weeks in the Billboard 200. The song's "Magic" and the "The Sweetest Love" also enjoyed heavy radio play and were in the top two among urban charts.

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles Throughout The Years

Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyleLeonard DiCaprio, he sure is a boyishly handsome guy. He is still a young man, even though he is well into his thirties. He has a large list of nominations and awards under his belt. Do you think he has an award for his hairstyle? His hairstyle is pretty popular in today's age. There are many guys who wish to look like him, but they know that they will never be able to

Kim Bum Hairstyles - Cute Korean Hairstyles

Kim Bum Asian hairstyleKim Bum (Kim Sang Bum), born July 7, 1989, is a South Korean actor and singer. He has starred in several television series and movies. He is probably best known for his role as So Yi Jung in the Korean drama, Boys over Flowers. This program is popular throughout most of Asia and the Philippines.Kim Bum straight shag hairstyleFor his role in Boys over Flowers, Kim wears his

Dave Navarro Hairstyles

Dave Navarro hairstyleDave Navarro is a talented American guitar player who plays lead guitar for the alternative rock band, Jane's Addiction. He has also played for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the cover band, Camp Freddy. Born in Santa Monica, CA on June 7, 1967, Navarro became interested in playing guitar when he was seven years old and heard a Jimi Hendrix song played at a local skating

Sting Short Hairstyles

Sting hairstyleSting, as he is popularly known, is a British singer, songwriter, actor, and activist. He was born in Wallsend, England on October 2, 1951. While currently a solo artist, he was once the lead singer and bassist for the band The Police. Prior to then, he was a school teacher in Cramlington, England.Sting spiky hairstyleSting has a receding hairline, so he tends to wear his hair

Tips On How To Make Cornrows

Making cornrow braidsOne very popular hairstyle among black males, and gaining popularity among white males, is known by the name cornrows. These tight little braids are very easy to maintain and look good as a general rule. Yet, there are still a lot of men out there who have absolutely no idea how to get their hair braided into such neat and even little rows. This is why we are offering these

Lil Wayne Dreadlocks Haircut

Lil Wayne Dreadlocks haircutLil Wayne has sailed through the charts with his rap albums. He has graced almost all music awards and has been nominated in several categories. However, he's not only known for his music. He's also famous for his drug arrests, four children from different mothers, Obama references, and, yes the Lil Wayne dreadlocks.Lil Wayne Dreads hairstyleLil Wayne Dreadlocks

Bi Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) Hairstyles - Cool Asian Celebrity Hairstyles

Bi Rain hairstyleBi Rain hairstyles are known to be quite popular with men. For those who aren't aware, Bi Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) is a leading Korean singer cum actor. He is known for this layered hairstyle, which gives him that extra edge over the other cute heroes. He has become a brand name in the advertising world for his edgy hairstyles and perfect attitude. These hairstyles can be spotted in

Crew Cut Hairstyles

.thumb li { clear: both; text-align: left; list-style-type:none;} .thumb li a img { float: left; margin:0 10px 10px 0; }Crew cut hairstyleA crew cut is a style of cutting the hair that starts with the hair one length in the front and tapers to a uniformly shorter length at or near the crown of the head. The sides and back can actually be of short or medium length, though when most people think of

How To Use Foils When Colouring Hair

Colouring one's hair has become one of the most sought-after services in salons. It can basically transform how you look in a matter of just an hour or two. One of the common materials used in doing so is the foil. Today, you will know how to use foils when colouring hair.First, the PreparationsBefore you begin the actual colouring of your hair, you need to make some preparations. This means that

The Jackson Rathbone Mohawk Hairstyle

Jackson Rathbone Mohawk hairstyleJackson Rathbone is a young American actor and singer who has really hit the spotlight with his role as vampire, Jasper Hale, in the Twilight series of movies. In addition to his acting work, Rathbone is also the lead singer for a band known as 100 Monkeys.Jackson Rathbone Mohawk hairWhile he looks pretty tame, even for a vampire, in the movies, Jackson has been

How To Get Jesse Spencer Shaggy Hair

Jesse Spencer shaggy hairThe Aussie actor Jesse Spencer reached Hollywood stardom when he started playing the role of Dr. Robert Chase in House, but he became even more appealing--and made the girls faint--by sporting what is now called the Jesse Spencer shaggy hair.Jesse Spencer hairstyleMake no mistake. Having that kind of hair is actually not a very easy feat. For one, you have two options on

Patrick Dempsey Naturally Wavy Hairstyles

Patrick Dempsey wavy hairstylePatrick Dempsey is an American actor and racecar driver who was born January 13, 1966 in Lewiston, Maine. He has had roles in several television series and big-screen hits such as Sweet Home Alabama, Enchanted, and Scream 3. He is probably best known Dr. Derek (Mcdreamy) Shepherd on ABC's hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy.Patrick Dempsey hairstyleDempsey's hairstyle

Getting A Michael Scofield Buzz Haircut

Michael Scofield Buzz haircutOne of the most popular drama series to come out in recent years is Prison Break. It largely follows the life of two brothers as they escape from incarceration and together plot to take down the evil company. One of its breakout stars was Wentworth Miller, whose role had both the looks and the brains to lead their plans. A proof of his growing fan base is the

The Unique Yung L.A. (Leland Austin) Mohawk Haircuts

Yung L.A. Mohawk haircutLeland Austin, more popularly known as Yung L. A., is a popular rapper. However, it's not only his songs, which normally talk about social issues such as struggles in the streets, that make him one of the most noticeable singers these days. It's also his hairstyle, which is aptly called the Yung L.A. Mohawk hair.Yung was not the first person to sport a Mohawk. In fact, the

Hairstyles For Men With Very High or Receding Hairlines

Josh Lucas short layered hairOne trait shared by almost all men is a desire to look their best when they go out in public. This is true whether they're going out for work or play. One of the features men spend a great deal of time on is getting their hairstyle just right. However, this becomes more difficult for men with thinning hair and a receding hairline. Still, there are some hairstyles for

Jackson Rathbone And Jasper Hale Hairstyles

Jackson Rathbone hairstyleJackson Rathbone is an American singer and actor probably best known for the role he plays as Jasper Hale in the twilight movies based on the books written by Stephanie Meyer. Although American, Rathbone was born in Singapore and grew up living all over the world because of his father's job with the Exxon oil Corporation.Jasper Hale Twilight hairstyleJackson's hairstyle

David Cassidy Hairstyles - Classic Men's Shag Haircuts

David Cassidy shaggy haircutWhat's a David Cassidy shag haircut? David Cassidy was popular during the seventies not just for his voice and young looks but also for his overflowing hair. In fact, more people today remember his hairstyle more than his other contributions in pop culture.David Cassidy shaggy hairstyleHowever, no one can deny that he had an unforgettable style, something that is still

Styles And Tips For Buzz Haircuts

David Beckham Buzz haircutHaircuts and styles are always changing with the times. One hair style that seems to always in be style through the evolution of ever changing styles are Buzz haircuts. This style is a simple and quick cut. This style has gotten its name because of the buzzing sound the clippers make. A lot of times, one thinks of the short military hair cut when referring to a buzz cut.

Lewis Hamilton Buzz Haircuts

Lewis Hamilton buzz cut hairstyleWhat's the Lewis Hamilton buzz cut? Motoring enthusiasts and the entire British population hail Lewis Hamilton as one of the best drivers in the world today. He certainly proved this by being the youngest Formula One World Champion, which he won in 2008. Aside from dating lead Pussycat Doll, many fans also idolize the Englishman for his buzz cut.Lewis Hamilton

Rock Star Hairstyles

.thumb li { clear: both; text-align: left; list-style-type:none;} .thumb li a img { float: left; margin:0 10px 10px 0; }Elvis Presley hairstyleRock star hairstyles are nothing new. They have been around at least since Elvis Presley stepped onto the stage of the Ed Sullivan show way back when. His mussed hair and long sideburns created almost as much of a stir as did his hip gyrations, which were

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Jimmy Stewart Classic Cut

Jimmy Stewart (1908-1997) was an American actor with classic tidy haircut. The sides were cut above the ears; and the back was tapered into the nape & cut above the collar. The top has been parted on the side, above the middle of his right eye. The use of a styling gel will help keep your hair shiny and in place.

Chad Michael Murray Hairstyles

This is a cool hairstyle for Chad Michael Murray, an American actor & former fashion model. The style is very comfortable to wear and can be quickly styled using gel or wax. Here, his hair was cut short in the back, taper on the sides, and the top was left longer. The front hair was layered, combed to the side with a side part. You can also comb the front hair straight up & back. Some

Daniel Radcliffe Hairstyles

Daniel Radcliffe (was born on 23 July 1989) is a young English actor best known for his role as Harry Potter in Harry Potter movies. The top of his hair & the bangs have been jagged cut creating texture & making the hair easy to style. The sides have been cut on an angle covering the top half of his ears. The style is great to soften his facial features. Here Radcliffe's style is messy,

Boo Boo Stewart Hairstyles

Boo Boo Stewart's shaggy layered hairstyle.Boo Boo Stewart, a young American actor & martial artist, sporting a funky hairstyle. The hair has been cut to shoulder length in the back with razored ends.Boo's messy razored hairstyle.As shown above, his straight hair was cut in a long heavily razored style that reduces weight through the ends of the hair. To get the hair frames the face nicely

Cool Quiff

A cool quiff hairstyle that can be styled by applying pomade to your hair, slicking the sides back, combing the fringe straight up, & combing the ends of hair to the back-center of your head.

Josh Duhamel Short Hairstyles

Josh Duhamel's short textured haircut If you want to get a short textured hairstyle, you can learn from Josh Duhamel, a sexy American actor who has sported many sexy short hairstyles. He loves experimenting with texture changes like the pictures below (click on image to view the full picture of Josh Duhamel hairstyles).

Michael Phelps Buzz Cut

Michael Phelps Buzz haircut.Michael Phelps is one of the greatest Olympians. He is a US swimmer who has won 16 Olympic medals including eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics.Phelps is now sporting a buzz cut hairstyle. The style works great on athletes & looks great on men with a nicely shaped skull like him. But it's not only show off the skull, it also reveals the ears shape. Some men

Nick Lachey Short Spiky Hairstyle

Nick Lachey with short spiky haircut Nick Lachey (was born on November 9th, 1973) is an American singer. He has a square face with strong jaws. His short spiky hairstyle work great for him. Wavy & layered textured cut help break up & soften the squareness of his face while spiked style on the top with the center just a little bit longer help elongate the face.Nick Lachey haircut

James Dean Pompadour Hairstyle

James Dean's Pompadour style.James Dean, an American Legend, was born on February 8th, 1931, in Marion, Indiana, USA. He was a great actor. He is also well-known for his distinctive pompadour hairstyle. The style is created by combing the sides back & blending it into the top, while combing the front straight up & creating a soft curl above the forehead. If you want to get a dry look, you

Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut

Wentworth Miller's Buzz haircut.Wentworth Miller (born on June 2nd, 1972 in England) is an American television and film actor best known as "Michael Scofield" on the Fox Network television series Prison Break. Wentworth Miller with a nicely shaped skull.Miller's hair is clipper cut short all over the head to a uniform length. His buzz cut reveals his proportional head shape. So, if you want

Adam Levine Short Spiky Hairstyle

Adam Levine spiky short hair.Adam Levine (born on March 18th, 1979) is the frontman of American pop rock band Maroon 5. He looked cool & masculine in this simple but great style with messy texture on the top. The back & sides were taper cut while the top was left longer and razor cut for a soft textured look. The hair can be quickly styled using gel or wax & your fingers.

Pete Wentz Emo Hairstyles

Pete Wentz hairstyle.Pete Wentz (was born on June 5th, 1979) is an American musician & primary lyricist of pop punk/emo-rock band from Chicago, Fall Out Boy. He is also well-known for his emo look & guyliner (eyeliner for men).Pete Wentz with spiky hair at the crown.His styles fit any face shape except round face and work best for diamond face, a face which is widest at the cheeks,

Alex Evans Emo Hair

Photo by ~saturdayx on deviantART Alex Evans is one of most notable Emo wearers. His sides & bangs were kept long, cut at an angle to create asymmetric look, and swept across the forehead nicely to frame his face. Photo by ~saturdayx on deviantART

Chace Crawford Hairstyle

Chace Crawford (born on July 18, 1985) is an American actor. He plays Nate Archibald in a popular teen drama, Gossip Girl. He has a cute but easy to maintain hairstyle. His style is tousled, textured with razor, and side-swept bangs. To create this style, you can put a little styling product in your damp hair, run through the hair with the fingers from the roots to the ends. Then blow

Joe Jonas Hairstyles

Joe Jonas hairstyle Joe Jonas (born on August 15th, 1989) is a member of the pop band Jonas Brothers. He has black and naturally wavy hair. He is one of young male celebrities who is well-known for his hairstyle. He has sported Joehawk, short straight, longish straight, & natural wavy (like shown above).Joehawk Joehawk hairstyle Joehawk is a version of the Faux Hawk that was popularized by

Blake Lewis Hairstyles

Blake Lewis is an American pop singer & beatboxer. He has got straight hair. His spiky messy short crop looked great on him. The sides and back have been clippered short and the top has been left long, layered side, and highlighted blonde.Blake Lewis is also a good example of a great-looking guy who wears faux hawk best:

Oliver Sykes Hairstyle

Oliver Sykes is the lead singer of the band Bring Me the Horizon, a deathcore band from England. He is also well-known for his adorable emo/scene hair that adored by girls. He has straight hair that razored at the ends. The sides and back have been kept at shoulder level, and the bangs have been swept to the side at eyebrow level.

Lang Lang Spiky Hairstyle

Lang Lang is a great Chinese pianist. He is a hot artist on classical music who has modern spiky hairstyle. His ends of hair were razor-cut to achieve short wispy bangs & wild spiky on top. The hairstyle works best for straight hair. For more pictures, you can visit Getty Images.

Dollar Cornrows

The following post on Dollar Cornrows has been submitted by Mitt Evelin, a braid artist. How I did it? First, I started with two straight rows in the middle. Then, I did the "S" over them and next step was all about imagination. It took only 1 hour because it was not the thinnest cornrows. The only problem is it doesn't last that long. Next time should do thinner rows :P

David Spade Bob Style

David Spade was born on July 22, 1964, in Birmingham, Michigan, USA. He is an American blond comedian.His bob hairstyle works best for a heart face; a face that is characterized by a wide forehead, wide cheekbones, and a narrow jawline. The side-swept bangs decrease the width of the forehead while the beards & the sides that kick out at chin length widen the narrow chin.

Rod Stewart Rock Star Mullet

Rod Stewart hairstyleRod Stewart was born on January 10, 1945. He was an English rock superstar who came to prominence in the early 1970s.Stewart is known for his distinctive rooster hairstyle (short spiky in the front & top, long layered in the back) which it has helped shape rocker style around 1970. He became a fashion icon for rockers across the world due to his music capabilities &

Zac Efron Hairstyle

Zac Efron hairstyle Zac Efron (was born on October 18, 1987) is one of Hollywood's hottest young actors. He's got blonde hair and he has a cute layered hairstyle. The hairstyle works best for oval or longer face shapes because it creates more width around the sides.Zac Efron medium hairstyleHis hair was cut with a razor to create softness, add texture, add movement, and reduce the volume.

Nick Carter Funky Hairstyle

Nick Carter hairstyleNick Carter was born on January 28, 1980 in Jamestown, New York. He is an American pop singer & member of the boy band Backstreet Boys. Nick Carter funky hairstyleNick's hair looked cool with messy texture & funky highlights. His hair was razor cut and sticking up in all directions.Nick Carter cool men's hairstyle

Richie Sambora Hairstyles

Richie Sambora (was born on July 11th, 1959) is the lead guitar player for Bon Jovi, a hard rock band from New Jersey, USA. His ends were razored to give the hair a textured finish and create a wispy look. The style works great for him. But, people with round face shape should avoid this hairstyle as the bangs will shorten the face while the hair that kicks out at chin length will

Matt Stone's Jewfro

Matt Stone is an American animator and a co-creator of South Park, one of the most highly rated television comedy series. By heritage, he is Jewish, and he considers himself an agnostic Jew.Matt used to have Jewfro (Jewish afro style), a very curly hairstyle like an afro that often belongs to Jews.

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David Beckham Cornrows Hairstyle

David Beckham is one of the world's most popular soccer players. Currently playing for both the Los Angeles Galaxy, an American Major League Soccer franchise, and the England National teams, he keeps to a very busy schedule.David Beckham Cornrows hairstyleBeckham got cornrows (also known as golden braids) when he was the England football captain in early 2003. Since then, cornrows has

Cornrow Braid Designs

Cornrow Styles - Cornrow Braids of All Styles - Black Braided Hairstyles

.nobr br { display: none }.thumb li { clear: both; text-align: left; list-style-type:none;} .thumb li a img { float: left; margin:0 10px 10px 0; } Dollar Cornrows by Evelin.Cornrow hairstyles are a traditional style of braiding the hair close to the scalp. While usually done in straight rows, the cornrow can also be seen in complex geometric and curved patterns. Often found adorned with

Val Kilmer Classic Hairstyles

Val Edward Kilmer (born on New Year's Eve 1959 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actor & composer. Val is well known in his successful films, including Top Secret!, Top Gun, and Batman Forever. His newest film is Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy. He sported classic cut that created heavy with fullness at the top & tapered sides. With longer style, he sported a curtain hairdo (a

Mr. T Frohawk Hairstyle

Mr. T with his distinctive frohawk hair.Mr. T was born Laurence Tureaud, May 21, 1952 in Chicago. He is a wrestling champion, a bodyguard for stars such as Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, and an American actor known for his roles as Sgt. "B. A." (Bad Attitude) Baracus in the 1980s television series The A-Team, as boxer James "Clubber" Lang in the 1982 film Rocky III, and in I Pity the Fool

Elijah Wood Hairstyles

Beehive Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks with a bit retro. The locks are curled ends into swirls resemble a beehive. Hair spray and hair pins can be used to hold the shape.

Brendan Fraser Hairstyles

Brendan James Fraser (born on December 3, 1968) is a Canadian-American actor. He is known for having starred in The Mummy film series, and George of the Jungle. In 1998, People Magazine had chosen him as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. He has a strong square shape with strong jaw line. His jaw line & chin shape resemble a triangular. He has chosen a right hairstyle,

Thomas Dekker Hairstyle

Thomas Dekker is an American film and television actor. He plays John Connor in new American science fiction television series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (premiered on January 13, 2008). His layered hairstyle is suitable for men with naturally straight hair type. The haircut can be achieved by cutting the hair to desired length, then soften the edges of the cuts using razor.

Ashton Kutcher Hairstyles

Ashton Kutcher is an American actor who success from modeling career. Whether he wears short or mid-length hair, his layered hair works great for him.His soft angled layered hairstyle with messy bangs is a great way to flatter a broad forehead and to soften a square face.

Ricky Martin Hairstyles

Ricky Martin short haircutRicky Martin is a Puerto Rican pop singer. His song, Livin' la Vida Loca, helped Ricky Martin obtain prominent success inside the United States, even worldwide in 1999.His loose wave hair is an extremely good partner for his long face, square jaw, & square chin.Ricky Martin faux hawk hairRicky Martin faux hawk hairstyleHis favorite hairstyles are short hair with

Faux Hawk (Fohawk) Hairstyles - Pictures Gallery & How to Cut

.thumb li { clear: both; text-align: left; list-style-type:none;} .thumb li a img { float: left; margin:0 10px 10px 0; }Ewan McGregor Faux Hawk Style. Photo by prestwick_99.Sweeping the nation for the last year or two is the faux hawk (fauxhawk) or fohawk hairstyle. This newer version of the mohawk hairstyle so popular in the 1980’s does not involve cutting the hair so drastically on the

Lenny Kravitz Curly Hairstyles

Lenny Kravitz is an American retro rocker. He is half Jewish, half black, and half white with most black men's hair texture. Because most black hair is coarse, tightly curly, & need more maintenance than straight hair type, short hairstyles are their favorite style. To achieve Lenny afro hair, you need to keep all around (top, sides, & back) in the same length. Tightly curly, coarse, &

Max Maven Hairstyle

Max Maven is an American magician and mentalist. He is an icon of mentalist with his distinctive style: black hair that is slick-combed back, the bald spot on the forehead, short black goatee, and black velvet suit. But there is a great mentalist from Asia who wears the similar style. He is Deddy Corbuzier: Deddy's style looks cooler & more unnatural than Max's as he applies make up on

Jay Manuel Spiky Hairstyle

Jay Manuel is a Canadian make-up artist and photo director. He has made-up of many Hollywood celebrity’s faces. Jay creates the spiky hair from simple to sexy silver hair. Jay's hair is clipper-cut short on the back and sides, comb it back, while his top section is layered & texturized to create a smooth style.

Belgian Waffle Cornrows

The hair is cornrowed in a Belgian waffle pattern to give a distinctive shape. Cornrows are popular among African-Americans with many new designs/patterns created over the years.

Pierce Brosnan Hairstyles

Photo by Osei (Ozzy)Pierce Brosnan is one of the world’s most bankable Hollywood movie stars. He is well known worldwide as British secret agent James Bond. His role as James Bond in four Bond series garnered billion dollars internationally. The Matador, his post-Bond film in 2005, earned Brosnan a Golden Globe® Award nomination for Best Performance by an Actor for his role as Julian Noble.

Russell Crowe Hair

Russell Ira Crowe is a Hollywood actor who was born in New Zealand (April 1964). Crowe won the Best Actor in 2001 for Gladiator (Oscar) & for Cinderella Man at 2005 (International Award). Now he has been named as an ambassador for Sydney, Australia.As shown above, Crowe has long layered hair, combed side, center part that adds balance to his head, & he leaves a few strands in the forehead.

Japanese Rockabilly Hair

These are typical rockabilly hairstyle worn by Japanese rockabilly guys. Japanese rockabilly guys usually dance at Yoyogi Park on Sunday. Yoyogi Park is a large city park located adjacent to Harajuku Station, in Tokyo.

Fanned Mohawk Hairstyles

Fanned Mohawk hairstyle. Photo by javanutmom.Fanned mohawk is the most known variety of mohawk. It shaves both right & left side of the head and leaving a strip on the middle & spikes it like a fan. The longer & higher you spike, the more you need to maintain. This hair is suitable for straight hair. But nowadays, people change and put some creative style onto his fanned mohawk, such as

Jerry Only's Devilock Hair

Photo by HuenniJerry Only is the bassist and vocalist of The Misfits, the horror punk band formed in April, 1977. He (and Glenn Danzig, the former lead singer of the Misfits) claimed to have invented his famous hairstyle, the Devilock. The hair is short on the sides and on the back, and let the front fringe grow long, combed forward, and straight down to a point over the chin.

Scene Hair

Photo by R.D.G.Scene kids are associated with listening to unconventional music such as screamo, techno, metal, indie rock, etc. The strong signs of their scene hair is usually very straight which is razored, layered, dyed black, and add blonde or bright electric color highlight.

Asian Layered Bob

Haircut picture by leighconnelly. Looking for kiddies' asian hairstyle? This spiky layered style will make you look younger. This hairstyle is suitable for most face shapes. Heavily layered messy cut with swept bangs & long wave sideburns can be used to hide face shape, large forehead & ears behind the hair.

Owen Wilson Surfer Hairstyle

Owen Cunningham Wilson (born on November 18th, 1968), is a talented American actor and writer. Owen's rise to fame started with Bottle Rocket, continued with Anaconda, Armageddon, and got his big break in the monster hit of 2000, Shanghai Noon (starring with Jackie Chan). He will be seen on his upcoming comedy film, Drillbit Taylor (released in March 2008).Owen is a Hollywood male

Emo Hairstyles | Emo Boys | Emo Guys

.thumb li { clear: both; text-align: left; list-style-type:none;} .thumb li a img { float: left; margin:0 10px 10px 0; }Emo HairstyleEmo has been associated with emotional, introvert, and shy. It has deep emotion described by music, fashion, & style. One of several signs of it is the applying of emo hairstyle. Emo hairstyles have been an increasing social trend in the last few years. This

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Casper Van Dien's Celebrity Medium Hairstyles For Men

#fullpost{display:inline;} mens medium hair style,-Casper Van Dien hairstylemens medium hair style,-Casper Van Dien hairstylemens medium short hair style 2008mens medium hair style,-Casper Van Dien hairstylemens medium hair style,-Casper Van Dien hairstyle2008 fall celebrity mens medium hair style

Stylish Short Funky Hairstyles For Men

#fullpost{display:inline;} Short hair styles for menBrunette hair was cropped through the sides with longer layers through the top and product fingered through for texture and shinesome cool mens hair stylescelebrity short buzz haircuts for menclassy curly hairstyles for menvery short pixie cut for cropped hair

Short Choppy Hairstyles For Men

#fullpost{display:inline;} Cool Choppy Men's HairstyleHot mens choppy hairHeavily-textured to create a choppy, chaotic look in the top and crown sections, this variant of the short-back-and-sides features perimeter hairlines that taper to the scalp and increase rapidly

Modern Punk Rock Hairstyles For Guys

#fullpost{display:inline;} Cool Punk Hairstyles for guysmodern punk hairstyles for guysMen's short hair - Cool Punk mohawk Haircutflaming arrow fanned mohawk hairstyle

Modern Curly Afro Hairstyles For Men

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Cornrow is a kind of braid hairstyles where the hair is divided into sections & braided closely to the scalp. It can be worn by both men or women, but with a little patience to create it.Kevin Federline cornrowsCornrows hair styleCornrows hairstyle

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tom Cruise Short Mens Haircuts Hairstyles 2010

Tom Cruise in time wore his hair in different styles like messy, crop, layered,very short,buzz, tuxedo style or classy styles. If you want to copy Tom Cruise hairstyles first choose your most suitable hairstyle among these hair styles .Tom Cruise is a very popular American movie star famous for the trilogy of Mission Impossible Series and many more big movies.Tom Cruise wears now some

Ryan Hansen Layered New Men’s Hairstyle 2010

Ryan Hansen, an young American actor born in in San Diego, California.Ryan Hansen wears some medium sexy blond hairstyle. Ryan Hansen hair was cut just above collar length that cover his ears. Also his stylist added some long sweeping bangs with layers that makes his look very cute and stylish.If you also have medium hair layered hair, you can feel free to have this haircut if you like Ryan

New cool short hairstyles for men in summer 2010

If you are looking for a men new style and cool haircuts for 2010 to change your current hairstyle here are some photos that can help you chose the right haircut,Here are the latest styles and trend for men haircuts now in summer 2010.Check the photos from where you can chose your new haircut for this summer 2010: New cool short hairstyles for men in summer 2010 New cool short hairstyles

Jensen Ackles New Men Short Hairstyles Trends 2010

Jensen Ackles born in Dallas, Texas it is an young American actor, famous for his role in Supernatural series.Jensen Ackles usually has hair short and trendy with different short haircuts and styles.Jensen Ackles surely prefers to keep his hair simple, short and stylish. Jensen Ackles is certainly a good male celebrity if you want to copy his hairstyles. Jensen Ackles wears some cool Mohawk

New David Beckham Short Men Hairstyles

The superstar soccer player David Beckham is a great fashion icon for his hairstyles that are always popular among the male all over the world and especial in Asia.Young men and not only are a looking for the latest and cool David Beckham hairstyles. David Beckham most time like to have short hairstyels like the Mohawk or the simple but cool buzz cut.This is a great cut for men that are

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Adam Lambert men's hairstyl

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mens Punk Rock Hairstyles 2010 - Spikey Haircuts

Men loves spiky short haircuts its a great hairstyle especially for young men and also.Check the photos here for great short spiky haircuts ideas for you:Mens Punk Rock Hairstyles 2010 - Spikey HaircutsMen Latest Cool Short Spikey HairstylesMens spikey hairstyles 2010 Haircuts FashionMens Punk Mohawk Hairstyles 2010 Spring Hair Trends

Cool Mens Hairstyles 2010 Trends

Men like to experiment with their looks and always try new haircuts very often. Many of them prefer long hair but short hair also will do, look at these cool mens haircuts for 2010 to look more handsome and masculine creating a special attention towards you among the people. Cool Mens Hairstyles 2010 Trends Cool Mens Hairstyles for Medium Hair - 2010 Hair Trends2010 Hot Mens HairstylesCool

Medium Short Cool Mens Hairstyles 2010

For a men that want some new style and cool haircuts for 2010 to change his style here are some photos that can help you chose you haircut.Medium Short Cool Mens Haircuts 20102010 cool men hairstyles haircuts trendsMedium Short Cool Mens Hairstyles 2010

Mens Punk Mohawk Haircuts 2010 - Punk Hairstyles

Mohawks are some of the most bizarre and crazy haircuts for men. one of the boldest hairstyles of all time. Either it's for hawk, liberty spikes, side hawk or any other Mohawks, take pride by sporting your Mohawks. Here are ideas for the Mohawk hairstyles below.Mens Punk Mohawk Haircuts 2010 - Punk HairstylesMens Punk Mohawk Haircuts - 2010 Punk Rock HairstylesMen Punk Mohawk Hairstyles For

Black Mens Short Afro Hairstyles for 2010

Afro Hairstyles often represents the natural hairstyle but some people do need a bit of help in achieving the tight curls that are necessary in order to have a successful afro. Bellow are some pictures of the Afro-American Hairstyles for men.Black Mens Short Afro Hairstyles for 2010Men Cool Afro Hairstyles Pictures 2010Black Mens Afro Hair Styles for 2010

Josh Duhamel Short Hair Pictures 2010 Mens Hairstyles

Here are photos of Joshua David Duhamel the hot American born actor and former fashion model, perhaps best known for his role in the movies Transformers.Enjoy these sexy photos of the cool male actor, Josh Duhamel.Josh Duhamel Photos Cool Men Haircuts 2010Josh Duhamel Photos Cool Men Haircuts 2010Josh Duhamel Short Hair Pictures 2010 Mens HairstylesJosh Duhamel Short Hair Pictures 2010 Mens

Stylish Korean hairstyle for men

This is a fashion Korean boy,love this black total look crossed by the big red bag. The hair in the middle is longer than two sides.Usually this kinda haircut the child wear, but for the fashion guys, emm, really cool!Korean fashion haircuts for boys.Stylish Korean hairstyle for men

Brandon Routh Short Layered Haircuts for Men 2010

Brandon Routh looks great in a clean cut layered hairstyle, he at times prefers to look different. Brandon Routh has been spotted in a large pallet of hairstyle at cozy parties and movie promotions, here are some photos of Brandon Routh cool men haircuts for 2010:Brandon Routh Short Layered Haircuts for Men 2010Brandon Routh cool men celebrity haircuts for 2010Brandon Routh Medium Layered

George Clooney Short Celebrity Mens Haircuts 2010

George Clooney. perhaps best known for his role in the television show ER, not to mention countless blockbuster movie roles including Ocean's Eleven, Syriana and Three Kings tp name a few. Look at the pictures below for some of the great hairstyles from him for 2010 hair fashion trends.George Clooney Short Celebrity Mens Haircuts 2010George Clooney Short Celebrity Mens Haircuts

Ashton Kutcher Mens Hair 2010 Trends

Here we have very sexy pictures gallery of studly celebrity actor and television personality Ashton Kutcher.Did you know Ashton Kutcher was a model before he landed his first big role on That 70's Show?Look at the pictures below for some of the great hairstyles from him for 2010 hair fashion trends.Ashton Kutcher Mens Hair 2010 TrendsAshton Kutcher Mens Hair 2010 TrendsAshton Kutcher

Al Pacino 2010 Medium Short Hairstyles for Men

Al Pacino became a cultural icon thanks to revered performances in a wide range of classic films, including “The Godfather” , “Scarface” and “Glengarry Glen Ross”. He changes his hairstyles very often and is a fashion icon among his fan base. Look at the pictures below for some of the great hairstyles from Al Pacino for 2010 hair fashion trends.Al Pacino 2010 Medium Short Hairstyles for Men

Ben Barnes Medium Shaggy Hairstyles with Layers

Here Ben Barnes, an English actor, has chosen a sexy shaggy look for his naturally wavy hair. His hair was cut to sit just on his shoulders and the ends were layered to add texture & enhance his waves.Ben Barnes Medium Shaggy Hairstyles with LayersBen Barnes Medium Shaggy Hairstyles with LayersBen Barnes Hairstyles 2010 for Men

Cool Mens Hairstyles 2010 Trends - Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray wears some cool cut short hair on sides and longer on top. Also some blonde highlights are added to Chad Michael Murray hairstyle.The style is very comfortable to wear and can be quickly styled using gel or wax. hair was have also been added to complete the look. The style works best for straight hair.Check the photos here:Chad Michael Murray Cool Men Hairstyles

Cristiano Ronaldo Faux hawk Hairstyle – 2010 Hairstyles

Do you love the fauxhawk haircut? The faux hawk hair style is really a cool hair cut for men. A lot guys sport this kind of hair, and a lot sports men also wear the short fauxhawk hairstyle. C.ronaldo faux hawk hairstyle is very cool, looks great on him. Usually people name the faux hawk hairstyle a fake Mohawk which approximates the style but without shaving the sides of the head. The

Male Asian Celebrity Short Spiky Hairstyles

Lang Lang is a Chinese pianist from Shenyang in Liaoning province, China, he sports very cool short spiky hairstyle usually. The short spiky hairstyles are popular in Asian, and you can see a lot celebrities are wear cool spiky haircut!Thanks to its characteristically thick, ultra-straight texture, Asian hair lends itself to today’s most stylish haircuts, even setting the trend in some

Mens Long Hairstyles 2010-2011

Men and women nowadays, yearn to have long hair that makes them look elegant and trendy. Today, it is acceptable to men to have a long hair way below their ears. Compared to men women have more options of how to wear their hair. Hence, styling options can be applicable to both men and women. Let us look at a few of these: A ponytail is something that never ever goes out of fashion and is

Short Haircuts:Mens Military Haircuts

All about Mens Military Haircuts For most men, the ideal hairstyle is one that is not only extremely fashionable and versatile. More important for most men is the fact that they are able to have a hairstyle that requires very little or no maintenance at all. This is the reason why mens military haircuts are extremely popular whether they belong in the military or not.Mens Military

The Most Popular Hairstyles for Men This Season

With 2011 rapidly approaching many men are considering the changes they want to make for the New Year. One thing lots of men vow to change is their hairstyle. However, finding the right men’s hairstyle for 2011 requires a little research not to mention consideration of one’s own style, face, and more. The following discussion of men’s hairstyles for the coming year just might give you some

Go Retro with Men’s Rockabilly Hairstyles

Modern rockabilly culture hearkens back to a simpler age of sock hops and country fairs. Rockabilly music is based on the country and bluegrass styles of Elvis and Johnny Cash. Today, there are many rockabilly conventions where you can buy antiques and rockabilly clothes, listen to 1950’s music, and dance the night away. Most people go to these conventions in period clothes, which, of

Short Haircuts for Men:The never out of style buzz haircut

The buzz haircut is one hairstyle that never ever goes out of fashion. This is an ideal haircut for men who want to get low maintenance hairstyle. It really does not matter actually what your kind of hair is because the buzz hairstyle looks good on men of all ages. This is just the style that will enable a man to go in for a change of a hairstyle and also be able to sport the right kind of

Ricardo Kaka Hairstyles

Ricardo Kaka hairstyleRicardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, better known as Ricardo Kaka, is a Brazilian born professional footballer (soccer player). His family was well enough off during his childhood that he was able to focus all his attention on school and soccer.Kaka has had a very successful career playing as a midfielder, and sometimes striker, for three different professional teams. He